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At ZAHRA AL AMANAH JEWELLERS, we are always looking for new ways to meet the demands of our customers and the market as a whole. This includes providing a safe deposit box and high-security security features to our Dubai Jewellery Store through our Safe. With that said, we have also brought in entirely other types of gold jewellery brand that specializes in Dubai-inspired designs.

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About Our Team

Established on the 5th of March, 2023, ZAHRA AL AMANAH JEWELLERS is a Dubai Jewellery Store that has been leading the gold market in market. We’re known for our vast range of jewellery, from modest rings and pendants to lavish items for jewellery lovers, at reasonable costs, and all are crafted in 999 gold. Our nationwide showrooms provide consistently excellent customer service, so it’s no surprise that we are leading the current market. Buying jewellery is a personal experience, and we wish to take you on a journey through our extensive collection. We aim to keep the jewellery purchase experience fresh and interesting for you by regularly introducing new lines and fun new things. Among the numerous unique occasions, we feature specialized items are Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year, and Hari Raya.

However, it was undeniable that we had our ups and downs throughout the year. As a team, we managed to overcome all obstacles and strive as United Arab Emirates (UAE) gold shop, with sales peaking every day.

We provide all the investment goods and services, market data, and a community where anybody may engage and share their experiences. The company’s community feature is designed to stimulate discussion among platform users.

Our Dubai Jewellery Store

How It All Started?

ZAHRA AL AMANAH JEWELLERS’ Founder, a well-known businessman, came up with the idea for the Dubai Jewellery Store. Inspired by the “World in 999 Gold” vision that he had, the founder intended to bring some sparkle into the lives of others. More than two decades ago, he converted a hobby in gemology into a full-fledged enterprise manufacturing 916/22K gold jewellery. He has always been interested in being one of the gold bullion suppliers since he was a teenager.

The hallmark of ZAHRA AL AMANAH JEWELLERS has always been its ability to offer high-quality, custom-made jewellery at reasonable pricing. Customers’ ever-increasing requests for exquisite designs are met by a team of professionals and enthusiastic goldsmiths.

Our products’ rarity and uniqueness attract affluent customers to our showroom. As a result, our clients are overjoyed when they bring their jewellery boxes to home filled with their own favorites, such as diamond rings and a bevy of gemstone and bead jewellery.

We’re here to make your fantasies come true. We are committed to working with you to find solutions that fulfill your requirements while staying within your budget. We kindly invite you to visit our store to see our products and receive free consultations on your specific needs.

To sum it up, ZAHRA AL AMANAH JEWELLERS is about delivering the ultimate wealth you deserve. So be sure to tune in for an even more thrilling ride as we make your requirements come true.

Why Choose Us

Why Invest With Our Dubai Jewellery Store?

With the help of an in-house IT specialist, ZAHRA AL AMANAH JEWELLERS has established a fully integrated physical gold exchange center, which comprises a physical trading system and platform that allows consumers to access live gold prices 24 hours a day and place buy-and-sell orders.

In the last few years, ZAHRA AL AMANAH JEWELLERS has expanded its reach beyond the borders of Dubai.

We offer a safe space for gold products investment

Investing is a problem for the younger generation. What, how, and where to invest is a constant concern for today's young people.

Our Custom Jewellery in Dubai Products Are Wealth Preservations

Gold, unlike currencies, is not directly affected by interest rate decisions and cannot be created to manipulate its supply and demand. When the economy is in trouble, gold has shown to be a sound investment because of its long-term stability and ability to sustain its value over time. Because of this, many investors view gold as a safe haven.


When inflation rates rise, and the dollar weakens, gold prices often rise as well. Because of this, investors experiencing losses may turn to gold as a hedging asset. This is consistent with the common theory that gold retains or even increases in value when the dollar's value decreases.


Buy Gold With Our Dubai Jewellery Store

In addition to the gold coins and bars you see on our site, we buy a wide selection of gold goods for your convenience. With our extensive experience in precious metals trading and minting, we can help you get your gold.

Our Dubai Jewellery Store may have the gold you’re looking for because we obtain it this way. If you can’t find what you’re searching for on our website, please call and let us know. Be aware that our non-standard item inventory is subject to change; we’ll let you know what’s available when you inquire about it. If you live in Dubai, just search “gold bullion dealers near me,” as easy as that.

You can see a few examples of what we might buy by clicking on the links below. In the event that a gold piece you own isn’t on this site, please give us a call for a free evaluation.

Dubai Jewellery Store

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